International Shows

Exhibit overseas with confidence.

The world is full of new opportunities.

As a US company, exhibiting overseas can be exciting, but overwhelming. Ensuring that your story is being told at trade shows and events throughout the world can be a challenge. We’ve helped American companies make an impact and be recognized all over the world.

Engage with a trusted partner

Successfully built overseas exhibits depend on the advantages that local contractors provide.

Door 3 has developed strong strategic partnerships over years of exhibiting. Labor, materials and ordinances are unique to each city. We’ve weeded out the bad contractors and forged solid working relationships with contractors who put their expertise to work for you.

Maintain your brand integrity

Every country designs with a native style but your brand is still your brand.

By designing in America, Door 3 ensures consistent brand recognition worldwide. Your booth should communicate, YOU, before a logo even comes into view. Don’t muddle your brand with a European high gloss laminate or a Middle Eastern geometric pattern if that isn’t you. Door 3 can balance your brand’s visual integrity and appeal to attendees everywhere.

Have confidence that your logistics are handled

Let us deal with the language barriers, massive time zone differences, and unfamiliar forms.

You focus on your marketing objectives. We’ll handle the details and deliver a beautiful booth as promised and on time.