Event marketing

Attract, engage, convert.

Build a marketing campaign around your show experience that elevates your brand and locks in those key relationships.

Leverage your pre-show power.

From email marketing strategies and curated social postings to webinars and lead magnets, we will help you create an engagement path that hooks the right people at the right time.

There is work to be done to get the right person to your booth. We’ll collaborate together to position your company and products in a way that talks specifically to the pain points and needs of each audience by taking a full-scope campaign approach to your marketing.

Execute your event with perfection.

You got them to your stunning booth, showing off everything you have…now what? How do you get them to become revenue for your business?

The second most important part of your event, aside from the exhibit itself, are the tools with which your staff on the floor is equipped to make a sale or generate a solid lead. For example, Imagine you walk them through a product or service and immediately send them additional information on-the-spot. Engage them with additional interactive features on a one-on-one basis with a custom tablet experience. Push beyond pens and keychains and hand out smart swag with meaning and purpose. It may seem like a lot, but with the right team, you’ll have the marketing support you need to truly make an impact.

Nail the post-show pursuit.

Time is of the essence! Lock in those hot leads with follow-up strategies that launch immediately when the doors close and make it easy for them to finalize their decision.

This is when you have their attention. Curate your follow-up in a way that talks directly to those decision makers. Send final information like product specs or contract details quickly. Our marketing team will work closely with you create strategies that make sure the campaign is visible, pain points are met, and communication is direct and concise.