From before, to booth, and beyond.

Craft an experience that drives decision-makers to decide.

It’s your story, we just help you tell it.

As individuals we are limited. But when we come together, when we create community, we are limitless.

Humans invented the printing press, settled the great west, and walked on the moon. How do we bring people together to create community? With a story. Humans are hard-wired for storytelling. It is how we connect as family, teammates, classmates, congregants, neighbors, friends and fans. Stories inspire, teach, guide, comfort, and bind. Door 3 Exhibits was founded to bring people together. Like we said: it’s your story, we just help you tell it.

Elevate your brand with a state-of-the-art custom booth experience

Capture attention and stand out from the crowd with an end-to-end campaign

Lock in more leads with top-of-mind strategies and unforgettable experiences

Custom exhibits designed for impact.

Your booth needs to establish your business as a main player in the marketplace. We will brainstorm together ways in which we can deliver the ultimate in-show experience. Compounded with a solid pre and post-show marketing campaign, you’ll have all the support you need to capture solid leads and build profitable relationships.

International exposure without the hassle.

Attending a show overseas can be daunting, we know. That’s why we have spent years creating relationships and building experience with any overseas market so you can just show up and make it a stellar show. From planning and design to logistics and travel, we handle each aspect so you don’t have to.

Grab their attention, and keep it.

Getting the right audience attention from the beginning is just as important as the show itself. We’ll work with you to develop ways to draw them in, engage them on the spot, and follow up with intention so you can get the most from your investment.

A snapshot of the visual stories we’ve told.

While we have quite the impressive portfolio of work,  here are just a few booths that show the range of design and execution across these very different brands.